Frequently Asked Questions

Do your operators follow a script when taking my messages?

Yes, our operators are prepared with excellent default message scripts that are designed specifically for health care and automatically loaded on your account. We can remove entire message scripts at your request if they are irrelevant to your account.

Can I design a script for the operator to follow?

Yes, with our virtual office service, you can design the questions and choose the order our operators will ask them of your callers. This allows for an excellent extension of your office by creating a unified customer service experience.

Do you provide a free call forwarding number?

Yes, we provide a free local call forwarding number with each account. Toll free numbers are $10 per month and 3¢ per minute.

Does Medicall365 ever close?

No, Medicall365 is open 24 hours, 365 days per year. Over the last 5 years, we have had more than 99.99% uptime.

I am not a medical doctor. Can I subscribe to Medicall365?

Yes, we service various types of healthcare professionals. These include home health agencies, chiropractors, dentists, and more.

Is your free trial really free?

Yes, our free trial is totally free. No credit card is required. You are never billed for the services you receive during your free trial, and you are not obliged to use the service after your trial ends.

If it is regarding a non-urgent matter, can you ask callers to call back during our office hours?

Yes, we can customize your account in many ways. At no additional charge, we can also provide free voicemail storage for office messages.

Do you invoice every 28 days?

No, we invoice once per month on the same day each month. We have 12 billing cycles per year.

Are your operators all based in America?

Yes, all telephone operators with Medicall365 are based in the United States.

Can you answer our calls during office hours and send us a message right afterward?

Yes, this is an example of the benefits of our virtual office service. With this service, you can customize every detail of your account, including how we deliver your messages.

My insurance company requires that a special message in English and Spanish be played for our callers. Can an employee of Medicall365 record a message according to our specifications?

Yes, we are familiar with the requirements that your insurance company may enforce. We will create a precise message that meets your needs.

Do you have flat-rate plans?

Yes, we provide flat-rate plans that will meet all your urgent message needs. Callers with urgent messages will be able to immediately reach a Medicall365 associate. We will direct your callers to the appropriate level of care. This may include contacting a specific person, calling your office backline, or referring them to the emergency room.

Can my office staff check out with a Medicall365 operator?

Yes, but it is not required. As long as we have been provided the instructions and who to reach with urgent messages, there is no need to hang on the line when forwarding your phones. With our virtual office plans, your office associates are able to call in as needed and change the instructions that our operators follow.

Can I start today?

Yes, we can expedite your account for same-day setup. Additional fees may apply. Account setup usually takes about 3 business days or less after we have received your completed paperwork.

I have more than one office location. Can I include them both on the same account?

Yes, we can sometimes allow 2+ locations on a single account. However, it may be necessary to sever the accounts. Your account representative will consider the details of each office location, such as the office hours, geographical location, and specialty. An additional fee does not always apply for additional locations.

Can I manage my own outgoing messages?

Yes, with our virtual office plans, your office can manage the outgoing messages that are played and saved on your account. There are no restrictions to the messages you record. A script may also be provided for a Medicall365 associate to record your greeting.