Dispatch Methods

How we send messages to you.

Dispatch methods are the different ways an operator delivers a message to the subscriber. Messages taken on your account are always delivered using the dispatch method of your choice. We also allow for messages to be transmitted via different dispatch methods simultaneously at your request. An example of this would be sending a message to a group of email addresses while simultaneously sending that same message to your office fax machine.

Your account will include a personal profile for each of your providers where they can list their specific instructions for triage and message delivery. In addition, your office will have its own profile which lists specific instructions for documenting and delivering messages taken for the office.

Medicall365's advanced equipment supports most industry message transmitting technologies. Note: to receive messages through pagers (either alphanumeric or digital two-way) or to receive secure messages the subscriber must procure the necessary hardware and/or software. However, we are able to dispatch messages via phone call, email, call patching, call transfer, and text without the need for any additional equipment or software.

Please review all of our possible dispatch methods below and feel free to call us at (800) 450-0544 if you have any questions or concerns.

Digital Pager

Digital pagers are devices which allow the transmission of a phone number. When a provider uses a digital pager for messages, we can send the caller’s phone number directly to that provider. We can also page the provider with the number for Medicall365, our check-in line. The provider can then call our check-in line and speak to the operator to “pick up” their messages. After relaying the message, the operator is still able to either patch or transfer the caller directly to the provider as per the provider’s preference. Even if the provider would prefer to be paged the direct call-back number of the caller, the operator still takes a full message from the caller to ensure that the information is relayed to the subscriber and preserved for your records. It’s important to note that the digital pager dispatch method requires that you supply your own digital pager, as we do not sell this equipment. However, if you’d like help choosing a digital pager provider, we’d be happy to recommend a company local to you.


We are happy to provide subscribers with a voicemail box upon request. Our operators can also call your phone and leave the full message on your voicemail. Please bear in mind that our operators will only call and leave the full message on your voicemail upon request; otherwise, the operator would consider going to voicemail an unsuccessful attempt to reach you and continuing following the dispatch instructions by taking the next step in order to reach you.


We hold messages when requested. The on-call provider or the office can call our check-in line and speak to an operator who will check to see if there are any un-delivered messages holding on your account.

Two-way Pager

Unlike digital pagers, which can only receive numbers, two-way pagers can send and receive numbers. Therefore, if you select two-way pager as your preferred dispatch method, our operators will relay messages to you via the two-way pager and you are able to reply to the operator with any follow-up questions. As previously noted, to select the two-way pager dispatch method the subscriber must supply their own two-way pager, as we do not sell them. However, please contact us if you need help choosing a reliable two-way pager supplier, as we’ll be happy to recommend a vendor that is nationwide or local to you.

Alphanumeric Pager

Like the two-way pager, alphanumeric pagers allow the provider to receive the full message taken by our operators, however, the provider cannot respond to these messages. The alphanumeric pager dispatch method requires that the subscriber supply their own alphanumeric pager, as we do not sell them. If you need help choosing a reliable alphanumeric pager provider, please contact us and we’ll be happy to recommend an Alphanumeric Pager vendor that is nationwide or local to you.

Phone Call

Each provider can add a list of contact numbers to their profile which the operator will use when following dispatch instructions. The operator can call any phone number on file in the specific order instructed by the provider. We can store backup numbers or alternate numbers that are rarely used to make it easy when a provider needs to make a temporary change. For example, if a provider normally takes call to their home phone but will be at a conference for a weekend and would prefer to receive cell phone calls for their patients.


Our operators can immediately send your messages via email or they can batch the messages and send them via email on a previously arranged schedule. Emails are always encrypted in transit using the latest version of TLS You should ensure with your IT provider that your email server will accept a connection over TLS. We can also encrypt emails with S/MIME or PGP if your risk assessment requires it.

Call Patching

When dispatching messages via call patching, the operator taking the message places the caller on hold and dials the number of the on-call provider, announcing the call and giving the full message if necessary, and then connecting the caller with the provider.

Call Transfer

After an operator takes a message, they can dial the on-call provider and transfer the caller. When the provider answers the phone, only the person who left the message is on the line. Compared to call patching, call transfer is cheaper and faster. Notably, the messages taken, although not dispatched, are preserved on your account and can be included in your message report or safely stored on our servers until a later date.

Text Message

When your account is configured with text messaging, the operator will take messages from your caller and send the full message in a text message to your cell phone. We also allow subscribers to enable text message reply, which enables the recipient to send a message confirming receipt. If text message reply is enabled and we do not receive a receipt confirmation, our operators would consider this dispatch attempt unsuccessful and move to the next step of your instructions. Please make sure that text messaging fits into your risk assessment.

Secure Message

When secure message is enabled on your account, our operators can send completed messages via your secure message provider. Don’t have a secure message provider? No problem, we offer a solution that doesn’t require a long-term service agreement. Our operators can confirm whether you have received the secure message and follow-up if necessary.